February, Number 1

February 2008

Special Issue: Convergence Culture
Guest-edited by Henry Jenkins (MIT, USA) and Mark Deuze (Indiana University, USA)


  • danah boyd
    Facebook's Privacy Trainwreck: Exposure, Invasion and Social Convergence


  • Neil Perryman
    Doctor Who and the Convergence of Media: A Case Study in 'Transmedia Storytelling'
  • Hector Postigo
    Video Game Appropriation through Modifications: Attitudes Concerning Intellectural Property among Modders and Fans
  • Daren C. Brabham
    Crowdsourcing as a Model for Problem Solving: An Introduction and Cases
  • Larissa Hjorth
    Being Real in the Mobile Reel: A Case Study on Convergent Mobile Media as Domesticated New Media in Seoul, South Korea
  • Gunn Sara Enli
    Redefining Public Service Broadcasting: Multi-Platform Participation


  • Samantha Lay
    Barbara Klinger, Beyond the Multiplex: Cinema, New Technologies, and the Home
  • Melissa Gregg
    Mark Nunes, Cyberspaces of Everyday Life
Bedfordshire University

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